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RJ Sedhu

Radio Jockey

Stylish Performer in his own way and a handsome Guy.
Dedicated person. Who host the Weekend Shows.

Tamil Music Baasha
Old Aanalum Gold


21:00 and 14:00


Know a little more about me…

1. How did you feel when you first started broadcasting on Tamil FM?

I feel lucky to be working pre-eminent company as a presenter. Obviously, the date I would like to remember in my entire life

2. Most memorable on-air moment so far?

That was the moment when I first realized myself as a presenter in the media industry. The moment of doing the on-air Late-Night Show of the first experience during it will never be forgotten.

3. Favourite Singer?

A.R Rahman

4. Favourite Cuisine?

Chinese Cuisine – According to the cooking styles and regional flavors

5. Favourite Actor/Actress?

Vijay & Trisha

6. Favourite song?

All-time favorite is romantic Melodious Songs.

7. If you had to pick four stars to star in your movie who would it be?

Vijay, Nayanthara, A.R.Rahman & Vadivelu

8. Favourite movie and why?

Kadaikutty Singham.

9. If you could interview one person who would it be (past or present person)?


10. What is your favourite film line?

“Vazhkai endaral sila pala Adigal Vizha than Seiyum”

11. What is your definition of "Happiness”?

Family – Such key lessons can only be taught by family members coaching each other regarding life’s ups and downs.

12. Do you have a talent that we don’t already know about?

I can do mimicry & write fictional stories also I know how to cook

13. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

UK & Malasia

14. What is your biggest fear?

To worthy elders who have faith in me.

15. What would you sing at Karaoke night?

It’s hard to explain but depending on my mood.

Quick Fire

1. 30 days without your phone or 30 days without TV? TV
2. Netflix or YouTube? YouTube
3. Facebook or Instagram? Both
4. iOS or Android? Android
5. Rich or Loyalty? Loyalty
6. Bath or Shower? Bath
7. Boots or Flip Flops? Flip Flops
8. Amusement park or Beach day? Beach Day
9. Coffee or Tea? Both
10. Winter or Summer? Winter