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Hoshiya Anojan

Director & RJ

The Leader of a Successful Youngest Team. Multi-talented and inescapable voice forever.

Hoshiya is a popular Radio Jockey working with TAMIL FM and known across the country as one of the finest RJs. Apart from radio, she is also active in celebrity anchoring, acting and show hosting.

She was seen on TV for the first time in the early 2000’s as a compere. But She started her media career as child drama artist in the 90’s and worked in many Sinhala – Tamil dramas produced in Sri Lanka. She has also done dubbing voice over roles in Srilankan Films.

She gained immense popularity as an RJ due to her ability to see things in different ways and her approach to connecting with masses easily.

Her program, “GOOD MORNING TAMIZHA” has won an award for “Best Breakfast Show Jingle (Tamil)” at the “State Radio Awards Festival” in the year 2022 and She has won the “Best Female RJ” in year 2019 and “Best News Reader” in year 2020 at the “State Radio Awards Festival”.

Hoshiya loves her job as a radio jockey and it that same love is shown in her work, mostly because this job isn’t all too difficult for her to commit to and also because she believes that she was destined to be in the radio industry.

Hoshiya loves traveling, shopping and working out.

“I really believe I’m a jack of all trades. Because I’ve started everything and never really seen it through because after a point, I’m like “yes, I can do this.” – Hoshiya Anojan

Good Morning Tamizha
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Good Morning Tamizha



Know a little more about me…

1. How did you feel when you first started broadcasting on Tamil FM?

It was a mind – boggling and struggling moment. Apart from broadcasting on TAMIL FM I got a huge responsibility on my hands where I have to focus on the growth of the channel and fortunately its going well. Cheers!

2. Most memorable on-air moment so far?

The very first day of the channel launch on March 15th 2021 and that feel when I first say “Neenga keattutu irukkadhu unga Tamil FM” is just priceless and I just loved it.

3. Favourite Singer?

I love A.R. Rahman as a singer and the list is long.

4. Favourite Cuisine?

North Indian and Thai.

5. Favourite Actor/Actress?

A consistent performer Thalapathy Vijay and National crush Rashmika Mandana.

6. Favourite song?

There’s a load of songs in my favorite playlist but If I really wanna say one ‘Pudhu vellai Mazhai’ from the movie Roja.

7. If you had to pick four stars to star in your movie who would it be?

Well, I’ll go with Vijay, Rashmika Mandana, S.J Surya and Sivakarthikeyan – let’s make a box office hit yaay!

8. Favourite movie and why?

The one who has no achievements he has not achieved, and no heights he has not reached, Mani Ratnam. I love watching all his films but among them ‘Alai payudhey’ is the most favorite one. After watching Alai payudhey I’ve chosen love marriage only.

9. If you could interview one person who would it be (past or present person)?

The CEO of google, Sundar Pichai. I have tones of questions to ask him.

10. What is your favourite film line?

“Every human has the right to dream in life. And everyone has some talent. It maybe you, me, or someone else. When one understands this, on that day the real journey of his life begins…” a dialogue from Miss India.

11. What is your definition of "Happiness”?

Obviously being with family and travel with them as far as I can. Also, doing what I love, It make sense.

12. Do you have a talent that we don’t already know about?

I can bake. Yes, it’s a secret talent and now you know it.

13. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Mumbai, India – The city of opportunities.

14. What is your biggest fear?

Cynophobia and Ailurophobia

15. What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Vaseegara song from Minnale movie because this song only sets to my pitch, lol.

Quick Fire

1. 30 days without your phone or 30 days without TV? TV
2. Netflix or YouTube? Netflix
3. Facebook or Instagram? Instagram
4. iOS or Android? iOS
5. Rich or Loyalty? Loyalty
6. Bath or Shower? Bath
7. Boots or Flip Flops? Flip Flops
8. Amusement park or Beach day? Beach day
9. Coffee or Tea? Coffee
10. Winter or Summer? Summer